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Omni Legal is an AI powered activity-focused practice and matter management platform that uses work coordination and automation tools to help attorneys orchestrate their matter workflows. Through seamless Microsoft integration, Omni Legal combines email, calendar, contact and task management with flexible workflow tools to help communicate and collaborate with the matter team, share knowledge and monitor matter progress. The AI technology analyzes and recognizes historic and current task patterns to predict outcomes and guide decisions.

  • Comprehensive Matter records – Tasks, Communications, Notes

  • Matter templates – automate launch, refine best practices
  • Secure collaboration – internal and external teams, login or OTP
  • Work from anywhere – remote digital, voice, even your legal pad
  • Build proprietary data – capture all sources to improve AI results
  • Clear insights – tabular reports, extensive visualization sandbox


Omni Legal was architected to adhere to all 15 factors for modern cloud application design.  Our strict adoption of enterprise security practices, coupled with the speed, agility, and scalability of our cloud native approach provide the perfect software platform for legal teams to address threats and keep pace with interoperability demand.

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AI Trends Driving the Legal Industry

It may be some time before we see cities in the sky, experience space tourism, and commute to work in flying cars (a la George Jetson). However, a concept once thought to be far outside the realm of possibility is now on the verge of transforming the modern workplace: artificial intelligence (AI). As technology continues to evolve, the use of AI will continue to proliferate in the coming years.


Work in Omni Legal, Microsoft 365, and other connected tools is seamlessly integrated. Don’t miss a single activity or waste time updating records across multiple systems. Begin each day with a confident review of your priorities and get started with simple drag and drop scheduling of work, comprehensive review of team progress, or an auto-filtered view of the latest communications on open matters.


With enterprise secure role and content authorization controls, all legal team members inside and outside your organization are informed and ready for full collaboration throughout the matter lifecycle. Omni Legal’s agile workflow and intelligent pattern based collaboration approach makes even the most complex work across remote, distributed teams easy to orchestrate.


Whether your objectives are to learn from the past or predict the future, clear and comprehensive analysis is the key. Every layer of the Omni Legal platform was built for analytics, from the graph style data structure to the processing tools that unlock access to unstructured data. Take your insights and planning to a new level through tabular reports, interactive visualization, and predictive processing.



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